03-10-2015 Jael Schnapper

Lohengrin Live: Nasty and the Fliptones

Georganiseerd door Muziekcafé Lohengrin

Tijd: 21.30
Entreeprijs: € 6,00
Erasmusstraat 9
5216 HM 's-Hertogenbosch

In April 2011, Nasty and The Fliptones, a new Belgian Rock & Blues band consisting of six musicians, was born. The band covers solid songs by Rory Gallagher, The Stones, Eric Clapton, The Blasters etc... Very soon the first gigs were played and in April 212 the band opened for the talented young British performer “Chantel Mc Gregor” in Wespelaar, Belgium.

Due to circumstances, a number of members left the crew, but they were swiftly replaced by other seasoned musicians. After a few intense rehearsals, the first gig with the new members was played at ‘t Krocht in Brakel, Belgium. The show was kind of chaotic at times, but the band received very positive feedback from the audience.

From that point on, the band has been performing on a regular basis throughout the country: At Stozerock in Haacht, at ‘t Krocht in Brakel, opening for Chantel Mc Gregor in Wespelaar, at Klakson Blues in Steenokkerzeel etc.